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      A.Habeebur Rahman Sons, manufacturers and exporters of quality hand rolled bidis from India. A family run enterprise running through three generations since establishment in 1937. Founded by late Mr. A. Habeebur Rahman Sahib, the company came into existence registered as 'S.BEEDI FACTORY' with the sole object of manufacturing and selling high quality bidis under the registered Trade Mark 'S.BEEDIES' or 'S.BIDIS'.

Production and Management
       Currently managed by Mr. A. Mohammed Ameen (Chairman), Mr. A. Mohammed Ashraf (Managing Partner), Mr. A. Mohammed Siddique (Managing Partner). The company has an annual production of over 3 billion sticks from its 3 manufacturing centres located in Gudiyattam, Vellore and Chennai providing employment to more than five thousand men and women in the rural areas of Southern India.

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Statutory Warning : Smoking is injurious to health.   
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