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Our products can be classified into three categories namely

Tobacco Bidis
      Tobacco Bidis are hand rolled by wrapping traditional Indian sun-cured tobaccos in the tendu leaf (natural forest leaf). These Bidis are made in various blends of choice tobaccos to suit the taste of discerning smokers worldwide. These bidis are marketed as S.Bidis, S.Mark Jadi Bidis,S.Bidis and S.Mini Bidis

Non - Tobacco Herbal Bidis
      S.MINT BIDIS are non tobacco herbal bidis, hand made by wrapping fresh herbs like spearmint, majoram, sour orange etc in the tendu leaf. These bidis are absolutely nicotine free as they are devoid of tobacco and thereby less harmful to health. These bidis are ideal for light and health conscious smokers.

Flavored Bidis
      The original ingredients of tobacco bidis and Non-tobacco herbal bidis are blended with spices like cloves and cardamom to give the bidis a fresh, spicy and flavored taste.These bidis are marketed as S.Bidis (flavored Tobacco Bidis) and S.Mint Bidis (flavored non Tobacco Herbal Bidis)

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Statutory Warning : Smoking is injurious to health.   
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